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Ann- Ph. 949-859-6785 landline

I just adore cats and have enjoyed breeding them most of my life.  But when I discovered the Himalayan, I fell in love.  Breeding Himalayans is a calling and requires collaboration with other catteries.  Some of the lines I work with are well known for Himalayans; Alove4paws, Catsafrats, Laureden and Country Gal.
My cattery, Darling Purs, was established in 1997 in my house, where it all takes place.  I strive to keep it clean and cat friendly; I've placed a few photos here, for you to see for yourself.
Darling Purs Cattery is nestled comfortably with a beautiful lake view in Orange County, California.
-Ann Chapman
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Darling Purs Ribbons case

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